Just before Christmas we were allowed to provide the first 40 branches of Domino’s in Germany with sustainable balloon pillars. These colourful eye-catchers give the relevant Domino’s branches in the vicinity of Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf and permanent festive appearance that give customers a ‘feel good’ moment when they enter.

It was during his holiday in the Netherlands that Marc Jürgens, Store marketing manager of Domino’s Pizza Deutschland GmbH, saw the sustainable balloon pillars of Ball On in The Hague.
Balloon pillars are ideal for decorating an entrance festively. But quite a few pillars collapse within a day, balloons run empty or end up on the street. Feel good gets feel bad. Especially if you know that many balloons end up in the stomach of animals.

Marc immediately understood that the festive decorations of Ball On are of high quality and remain beautiful … also in case of multi-year outdoor use. Excited as he was, he immediately contacted us and we worked out a proposal.

With this proposal it became clear that Ball On’s sustainable festive decorations are circular and made from recycled plastic and are also recyclable again. This is in line with Domino’s sustainable ambitions. The branch managers are enthusiastic about the colorful balloon pillars and in 2020 we will continue to roll out to new locations.


A lot of partners that haven’t ordered yet are interested in ballon pillars, because they are looking amazing.

Marc Jürgens